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Do your bit this Data Privacy Day

As we gear up to celebrate ‘Data Privacy Day’ this 28th of January let us take a stand and a move towards a more secure web experience. ‘Many drops make an Ocean’ As we...

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Here come locations!

Great news everyone! We have just added Foursquare (or now Swarm but still referred to as Foursquare (:) to our list of available connections, alongside Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Chrome! Now you will be able...

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Data: Burden or Blessing?

Data. It’s a blessing, it’s a curse. If you’re already a devoted Powr of You blog subscriber (and why wouldn’t you be? We’re informative, incisive, witty, the list goes on and on…), you know...

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Collection, Cookies, and Hell’s Angels

We all know by now that data brokers constantly collect a vast array of information from all of us, the collective web community. Only recently has the breadth and scope of the $156 billion...

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Powr of You: Get in the Ring UK Winner

Powr of You won the startup ring competition in the UK! Keshav Malani, our co-founder, went to battle it out for the European level. Here’s a bit more about our experience at the Get...

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Powr of You featured in London Business School BSR

Always great to be back at London Business School. A walk down memory lane with the London Business School Business Strategy Review https://www.london.edu/faculty-and-research/lbsr/entrepreneurs-at-work–powr-of-you

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Who we are

  At Powr of you, we believe in the power of one. We believe in the individual. We believe big data business isn’t just for the big guys, it’s for everyone. Every. Single. User....