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Y Combinator and Powr of You

Quick update: we were recently accepted into the inaugural Y Combinator Startup Founder track 2017! It has been quite an experience  with a ton of learning already. Will be sharing the learnings soon! And a little...

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Privacy tip: cleanup for Google Contacts

Do you know which apps have access to your Google Contacts? Most of us have –knowngly or unknowingly – granted different apps access to our Google contacts. Whether it was for convenience or laziness,...

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New features & voting

It’s been an exciting year for us so far with more reward opportunities for our community in the UK. We’re working hard to bring new features and more reward opportunities to the community globally. As...

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Powr of You wins Kite Pitch in San Francisco

Powr of You won 1st place @getKITE pitch competition @NewCo with 15 judges from top brands. Details here #lifeispitching 🙂