New features & voting

It’s been an exciting year for us so far with more reward opportunities for our community in the UK. We’re working hard to bring new features and more reward opportunities to the community globally. As the community grows, we are able to offer more so thanks so much for your continued support in helping spread the word about Powr of You!

Announcing a Trello board for new features you want

Speaking of growth, we’ve been getting feature requests from the community on ways to make the tool more useful. As there’s quite a few requests coming through, we’ve now set up an open process so you can suggest and vote on NEW features via the Powr of You Features Trello board >> we love to hear from you!

We’re already working on a new and improved experience to make Powr of You more personalized and interactive. Be sure to get your requests in now, so we can integrate more of what you’d like as we upgrade!

2016.07.11_Feature requests Trello board

PS: If you have queries about your personal account, feel free to email us at This board is for new feature requests and voting only please!

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