A #madtech blast at Collider Demo Day

blog_colliderIt’s always a bittersweet moment when you realise you’ve completed a milestone. It was the same when we started Powr of You, and so it is as we complete our 4 month Acceleration program with Collider, here at DigitasLBi, in the heart of London’s startup tech scene. With over 200 people in attendance from top brands, media agencies, funds across London, you could feel the energy in the room. We got the hashtag #MadTech trending on Twitter in the UK and made it to the 4th spot, a first for Collider and a memorable experience to say the least. It was an incredible opportunity for us to to share Powr of You with an incredible audience!

We were alongside our Collider Class of ‘15 cohort: Brandvee, Burst, Find The Ripple, Ignidata, Pixoneye, Real Life Analytics, Storesense, and Syncspot. It was great to have Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider, sharing her excitement in the Class of ‘15 and the potential it’s founders have in becoming ‘the founders of the Tech of Tomorrow’ to the MadTech advocates!
blog_collider demo dayShannon Vaughan, from Ogilvy Labs, introduced us to the crowd, discussing our upcoming pilot with the OgilvyOne Group. Talking to this group of people about bringing the choice back to the consumers and the value behind it was exhilarating. We were able to impress upon the crowd the importance of this movement, not just to brands but also to consumers as we build the world’s largest Consumer Data Hub, powered by you and I.

We at Powr of You have had an absolutely amazing experience. A huge thank you to the Collider team, our coaches and our investors who have been alongside us through the hectic four months guiding us. While we take this to the next level, we look forward to building on top of the great foundation that we’ve laid here together.

Check out the video from the day: http://bit.ly/1EvxSZz and if you’re a MadTech startup looking for some amazing mentors and investors, be sure to apply for Collider’s Autumn class – applications are open!

Feeling the excitement and want to be part of it? Sign up for Powr of You at powrofyou.com and find out how you can learn and earn from your data.

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