Productivity energized with Todoist Partnership


We are super excited to announce a new partnership with Todoist to bring quantified productivity to our platform and give people a chance to learn how their productivity is impacted by their personal habits and digital lifestyle.

This partnership means Todoist users can now connect their accounts to Powr of You with just a few clicks. Alongside other personal brand and quantified-self analytics, you can now access actionable data measuring your productivity cycles to get more:

    • Quantified self: productivity information displayed directly on your Dashboard
    • Life-hacking with data: how your social media and browsing habits impact your productivity by comparing it to your Todoist tasks
    • Perks: three Powr of You users will receive Todoist Premium memberships to change the world one task at a time

Todoist’s Head of Support, Aygul Zagidullina, says; “We’re very excited about this new integration which is aimed at making both Todoist and Powr of You users more productive than ever before. Being seamlessly integrated with each other, these apps will make your life more organized and you – motivated to get things done with Todoist and measure your success with Powr of You.”

Not signed-up on Powr of You yet…what are you waiting for?

In just a few clicks, you can log into and connect profiles: social networks, browsers, and now Todoist. That’s it – you go on with your day and Powr of You will do the heavy lifting.

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