Track your productivity and take life-hacking to a new level. Todoist is now available on Powr of You

Powr of You is very excited to announce a new partnership with Todoist to bring quantified productivity to the user community. Users can now learn how their productivity is impacted by their personal habits and digital lifestyle.

Todoist is a popular to do list app and personal task manager that’s available on 15 platforms and in 20 languages. With over four million users around the globe, Todoist’s mission is to help inspire people to get more done with less effort.

This partnership means Todoist users can now connect their accounts to Powr of You. Alongside other social profiles, Powr of You users will now be able to access even more actionable data measuring their productivity cycles on daily basis. This includes:

  • Quantified self: productivity information displayed directly on the Powr of You user dashboard
  • Life-hacking with data: how your social media and browsing habits impact your productivity by comparing it to your Todoist tasks
  • Perks: three Powr of You users will receive(1) Todoist Premium memberships to change the world one task at a time

Co-founder of Powr of You, Keshav Malani says: “The power of your data and now, your productivity, is at your fingertips. Now all the checkboxes you markoff on your todo lists actually mean something”

Todoist’s Head of Support, Aygul Zagidullina, says; “We’re very excited about this new integration which is aimed at making both Todoist and Powr of You users more productive than ever before. Being seamlessly integrated with each other, these apps will make your life more organized and you – motivated to get things done with Todoist and measure your success with Powr of You.”

In just a few clicks, users log into and connect various profiles such as social networks and  browser extensions. That’s it – user’s go on with their day and Powr of You does the heavy lifting to bring you even more actionable insights into habits and lifestyle.

About Powr of You

Powr of You ( is a data marketplace for consumers and brands to learn and earn from each other.

With Powr of You, Consumers learn about their online footprint and quantified self through beautiful visualizations, while they earn rewards with our revenue share model. Brands learn about their consumers’ cross-platform habits, interests, media consumption to make data backed decisions to improve marketing ROI. Brands also earn consumer confidence and loyalty by being consumer privacy champions.

For more inquiries: please contact Keshav Malani, Co-founder at or +44 74498 07770.


(1) Terms & conditions apply

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