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As we gear up to celebrate ‘Data Privacy Day’ this 28th of January let us take a stand and a move towards a more secure web experience.

‘Many drops make an Ocean’

As we increasingly connect our lives to the Internet with new devices and apps, understanding how to manage our privacy has become a greater concern. We provide you with the insights to feel your power as we bring you a more open and transparent web experience – your social activity duration, audience involvement, tweet-o-meter, hours spent browsing; through our advanced analytics platform.

Not many of us are aware of the data collection that happens behind the scenes, without our knowledge. Raise your voice to make people aware, enjoy the web in a more secure way. As we cope the consequences of inevitable data collection we share a vision to make this sector more organized and structured. As a personal data marketplace, we not only make your data secure and anonymous, we also give you incentives (cash, rewards, etc.) when someone uses your data. Yes – sounds a bit nuts but it’s real!

More than 220 organizations have taken a step and many are gearing up for the same. Come with us as we take a step further towards a more insightful, private and secure internet by empowering you, by giving you the overview the data flow happening behind the curtains, by the useful insights we provide. We all need to come together and contribute to make this day a success and ensure our wants and needs are not overlooked. This is you casting your ballot to demand a role in the massive data economy.

Your data is our responsibility. We respect your privacy, and are dedicated to give you an amazing experience.

Users from over 30 countries are already moving with us. So take a leap and join us on the journey.

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