Here come locations!

Great news everyone! We have just added Foursquare (or now Swarm but still referred to as Foursquare (:) to our list of available connections, alongside Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Chrome!

Now you will be able to see locations you love and enjoy in your insights. So how do you get Foursquare connected? There are two ways:

1) Sign-in and click on the % Complete in the left navigation => once on the Connect Page => click Connect next to Foursquare => sign-in to your Foursquare account and BAM! Done!

blog_locations1   blog_locations3




then =>


2) The other way is to click on the Foursquare icon at the very top left, next to your Profile pic => then sign-in to your account and then voilà! You are set!


Note: Make sure your pop-ups aren’t blocked, otherwise you won’t see the sign-in window. Here is a quick guide to enable pop-ups – Guide.

Oh and another little surprise, we are running a holiday special where people will be entered into a raffle to win Google Chromecast. So invite your friends and family to join and make it your Holiday gift for them. 🙂

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