Data: Burden or Blessing?

Data. It’s a blessing, it’s a curse. If you’re already a devoted Powr of You blog subscriber (and why wouldn’t you be? We’re informative, incisive, witty, the list goes on and on…), you know that participating in social media, using apps and smart phones, tablets, FitBits, just going to the doctor driving your car generate data. Swipe that ATM card, log in to check your accounts online, buy a smart pair of striped socks from A Big Sock Co. online, the data miners scoop up your cookie crumbs and sell them. Hot off the press! Insert Your Name just bought smart, stripey socks! Cashmere blend, no less!

Is the Data Age, an age of enlightenment? Yes. The After Google (A.G.) web wonderland of information is rife with possibility; never before has such a repository of immediately accessible information been at our fingertips. Google Maps can take you anywhere you want to go in a matter of minutes and show you favorite stops along the way. Yelp! will help you choose a restaurant based on people’s recommendations, so go ahead and order the steak au poivre with roasted rosemary potatoes and the vegan cheesecake for dessert. It will taste like heaven, not cardboard! Facebook will connect you with friends from afar, make you feel as though your lives are linked in personal ways across the miles. MyFitnessPal will help you gauge your calories and activity; lose fat, bulk up, or maintain your weight, whatever you desire.

Data tech allows us to improve our lives in wonderful ways: we benefit from global knowledge and experience as never before, increasingly becoming a tightly-knit global web community. But as the old saying goes, if you want to party, you have to pay the band. It’s a package deal; with amazing lifestyle innovation comes a loss. A certain measure of privacy has evaporated. We allow insurance companies to hook up little black boxes to our cars so we benefit from a rate reduction. We allow online storage of our medical records so we’ll receive the best medical care in times of need. Our information is harvested for our gain, but we pay the price with a certain loss of control.

How do we combat this loss? Our challenge going forward becomes exercising control over the current definition of web privacy. It’s up to consumers to voice their distaste with the current state of web privacy. Recently, we’ve happily seen two power players in the data-web economy, Facebook and LinkedIn,¬†take positives steps toward improving user privacy and transparency, and we are proud to be an organization that supports this movement in word and deed. Powr of You is intent on making the trade-off more lucrative with the insights you crave and the rewards you are entitled to. We want to make your data work for you, across our platform and across the web.

Our smart analytics allow you to keep tabs on your social media, learn about your online habits, and have fun with cool insights like: Chinese horoscope and Most Liked Pictures & Posts. You can explore your social network better than ever with tools like trip planner and goal tracking to get the competitive juices flowing and improve your digital lifestyle. As always, we are committed to maintaining your data’s anonymity and account security. You connect your accounts to your privacy comfort level and none of your data is personally identifiable.

Become a part of the web evolution. Powr of You believes in a better web that benefits you. Log in and check it out!

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