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icon_orangeAt Powr of you, we believe in the power of one. We believe in the individual. We believe big data business isn’t just for the big guys, it’s for everyone. Every. Single. User. Call it vision, call it blasphemy, call it a brave new netscape, we at Powr of You believe in democratizing data. We know you, the individual, should play an active role in the new data economy.

Powr of You is all about individual empowerment. You, the combined web users, are creating zettabytes of data, fueling an entire industry based on your online movements. All of your clicks, tweets, posts, blogs, apps, fitness triumphs, and Instagram photos add up to create over $150 billion dollar per year, multi-national industry.

We think you should benefit from your data and grab your share of big data profits. Powr of You helps you project the best possible you to your followers, friends, and the online community, and rewards you by giving you back a share in the revenue your online footprints create for the big data brokers.

Powr of You will help you refine your online persona; you decide what you say and how you say it, we make helpful suggestions and reward you for being awesome you. We are building a kickass dashboard where your posts, likes, tweets, even what you say and how you say it, are collectively analyzed, and for the first time, optimized.

Forget to change your profile picture? Powr of You’s got you covered. Need to add contacts in LinkedIn? We’ll remind you. Looking to add more followers on Twitter? We’ll help you get rocking and rolling, and reward you for your unique brand of awesomeness through incentives, fun apps like Chinese Horoscope, cool quizzes, and even more. Our new dashboard is rolling out soon, and you are going to love it.

Here is a mockup:

new look dashboard mockupWe follow a revenue-sharing model that features your empowerment and data transparency at its core. Our platform thrives through your exploration, and, a key component that differentiates us from others, not only do you understand where your data goes and what it’s worth, you get a share of the money it generates. No longer just a creator of data, you captain your web journey. Powr of You is single-mindedly dedicated to the innovation of your online experience through insightful, fun life-hacks, and cash rewards.

We are here with you on this journey, helping you create and optimize an online lifestyle you love, and become a part of the data economy in the process. Log in, link up, Powr your life at www.powrofyou.com.

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