cieFusion London 2013

FIRST Powr of You pitch ever… and it was an instant hit! Lesson learned– sharing an idea is the best way to start things up.  Here’s what we got as feedback from the judges. Thanks to Matt Cooper, Martin de Heaver, Lulu Laidlaw-Smith, and Steve Kelsey for the feedback!

Keshav Malani, PU Monetize your data

  • This is an interesting space, consumer to industry rather than the conventional industry to consumer. Careful thought needs to go into how this can be monetized
  • Keshav has identified a way that consumers can earn income from their data which may go some way to opening up a new principle whereby ‘workers’ can generate income from the data they own rather than just their labour. This is potentially very powerful.
  • There is a lot of potential in this space. There is a danger that it plays in a very competitive space so more differentiation of the offer to capture marketers would be welcome.

Here’s our original logo… come a long way since then!

CIE Powr of You logo





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