Android Upgrade to fix Accessibility permission to fix browsing data upload

  1. Confirm you have the latest update for the Powr of You app
    1. To confirm you have the latest version, go to the Play Store app on your Android phone
    2. Search for “powrofyou”
    3. Select the Powr of You app
    4. If you have the latest version of the app you’ll see the right button listed as Open. If you need to update the app, the right button will be Update
    5. Select the Update option and once the upgrade is complete, it’ll show the right button as Open
  2. From your phone desktop or main screen, go to Settings > Accessibility > Powr of You 
  3. If you’ve previously provided the permission, it’ll show On at the top right
  4. Turn the permission Off. A message will confirm that you want to stop Powr of You, select OK
  5. Now turn the permission On again. A message will confirm that you want to use Powr of You, review and then select OK

Your browser connect is now fixed!


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