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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of Powr of You?
    The goal of Powr of You is to help people benefit from their digital presence. We offer insights to our users to help them get insight into their online footprint across mobile, browser, social and lifestyle apps they use. And we share any revenues generated from your data back with you so you can make money from your digital presence.
  • Do you realize powr is misspelled?
    Yes, we know there is an 'e' missing in Powr of You®. It was first because a cable company owns powerofyou.com (don't ask us why) but then we realized it sounds much cooler without the 'e' anyway :-)
  • How can I make money from my data?
    Companies want to develop a better understanding of consumer behavior trends and what people are looking for so we provide market research and analytics to help companies make informed decisions about their business. Companies pay us and we share the revenues back with you - every time your data is used.
  • Who can join Powr of You?
    All participants in Powr of You must be at least 16 years of age and capable of entering into a binding agreement.
  • Why should I join?
    Powr of You® is about taking up an active role in managing and using your data footprint. Your data is currently being mined to give you personalised ads, and we want to turn this around. We help you monetize your data (get paid!), and provide you with insights that help you understand and refine your online brand. Ultimately, it's your data - make it work for you!
  • Is my privacy protected?
    Powr of You is a research platform that collects data on the use of apps, web and device features for the purpose of market research. The research data is anonymized and aggregated, i.e. stripped from any personally identifiable information, before data analysis. Powr of You does not collect any passwords or usernames or messaging content. If you decide to share your data further with companies to get additional rewards or benefits, we ask for your explicit permission to do that so your privacy is always protected and the decision to share is always yours.
  • Is my personal information safe?
    Yes, it is! We will not disclose any personally identifiable information (name, email address, mailing address, phone number, etc.) to any third parties, except as necessary to send you your rewards.
  • Why do you need my demographic information?
    Our research is aggregated across many participating consumers. We collect basic demographic information, like age, gender, education level, etc., so that we can describe the type of people who have different preferences and opinions without revealing any personally identifiable information.
  • What if I have questions, comments and/or problems?
    If you have any questions, comments or problems of any kind, including technical issues you feel are related to Powr of You please notify us at help@powrofyou.com

    Powr of You’s commitment to quality customer service is a top priority. We will make every commercially viable effort to respond to your questions or comments within 3 business days. We will not be able to respond to your questions without a valid e-mail address. We will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose other than responding to your question.
  • Will I receive more spam emails?
    Absolutely not! Our communications will focus on sharing new insights and rewards with you so that you can most of your experience on Powr of You. You can also customize your notification preferences under your profile settings.
  • Is your website secure?
    Maintaining your confidence is one of our company's foundational tenets, and we work hard to ensure your private information stays private. We carefully anonymize and aggregate all data before generating client reports. By using state-of-the-art security, both the integrity of our reputation and your sensitive information remain protected; our entire platform runs on HTTPS and uses 2048-bit SSL and 128 bit encryption.
  • How do I get paid?
    We follow a revenue share model - basically, every time your data is used to provide insights to clients, we share the revenue with you. For example, UK users' whose data has been used have been paid between £9 to £50 every time their data is used, based on the fact that companies were interested in learning more about their digital lifestyle.
  • How often will I get rewards?
    The frequency of rewards depends on how often we get requests for profiles similar to yours based on your demographic profile, your digital habits and interests. The best way to get selected is to have your data connected and active. We will reach out to as soon as we have a study you're qualified for.
  • Will participating in Powr of You cost me anything?
    No. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: We pay you a every time your data is used for research. The Powr of You app does use your devices’ data connection a tiny bit, which may affect your data plan usage.

    You can claim the rewards via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Please note that payment platforms such as PayPal may charge a separate transaction fee for cashing out. These fees are outside of the control of Powr of You.

    If you are registering for Powr of You on a mobile phone, you may receive a confirmation text message. You should consult your services provider to learn if you are charged for text messages. Downloading the Powr of You software and any subsequent software upgrades incur the same charges you would incur for visiting a web site on your mobile device. Unlimited data plans typically do not incur costs to download our software and surf the internet. Pay-as-you-go data plans may incur costs to download our software or when our software sends your databack to us. Your services provider can confirm your data plan and any expenses that may be incurred.
  • How long do I have to participate?
    Participation in Powr of You’s community is voluntary. Should you ever decide to stop participating, you may do so at any time. Simply go to your Profile Settings and submit an Remove Account request or if you want to permanently disable the account, follow our instructions here to remove your account.
  • DATA
  • Why do I need to connect accounts?
    Powr of You helps you make money from your data so connecting accounts is a key step. Connecting your accounts allows us to not ask you questions all the time but instead capture your behavior without disturbing you in your day-to-day digital life. The data is aggregated and anonymized for analysis.
  • Does your app monitor my private conversations such as emails, SMS, messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger?
    No. We never record or monitor your private conversations such as emails, SMS, messaging apps, or voice mail messages.
  • What does your browser extension do?
    We use this data to understand how people spend time online, illustrate typical journey online e.g. shopping habit, searches, and what people find interesting. We do not, see any activity on private or incognito mode, access passwords, financial info, email or messaging content, edit or modify your browsing experience (browser tabs)

    Note: Permissions design by Chrome Browser forces extensions to ask for both 'Read and modify' tabs permission but we strictly do not use the modify permission
  • What does your mobile app do?
    Powr of You mobile apps records and collects information about users' mobile usage. This may include mobile web browsing activity, usage and titles of downloaded apps. The app may also collect information regarding the web pages you view, activity on the web pages, the links you access, and usage times for certain device activities (e.g., phone calls, web browsing, app usage times).

    Maintaining our users’ privacy is our number one priority. Therefore, we do not collect or view your passwords or login information for any application or websites. We do not collect the text or other personal content on any of our users including the actual content of text, email or instant messages, image files either downloaded or captured via the camera on a phone, or contact, address book or calendar entries saved on the mobile phone or tablet.
  • Why do I have to install an app on my mobile device?
    Powr of You has developed proprietary apps that are easy to install on your mobile devices. By installing our app on your phone or tablet computer, you can participate without any inconvenience, making the analysis of mobile consumer preferences and habits both highly accurate and fast. This allows your opinions to be heard quickly by decision makers.
  • How much data does the Powr of You app use? How much space or memory does your app require?
    The memory requirement for the phone will vary depending on the phone model and version of the software. Generally, however, it requires c. 30MB of memory to store the app and monthly data usage is usually less than 10MB before it is securely sent to the Powr of You servers.

    (For later not to be used yet: For iPhone and iPad users, the memory requirements are minimal for the configuration file and related VPN modules. )
  • Will the Powr of You app affect my device's performance?
    For Android users, the Powr of You app should have no impact on the mobile device's performance. For iPhone and iPad users, there may be a minimal impact on the battery life of the device.
  • Will the Powr of You app slow my internet connection?
    No, you shouldn’t really notice the Powr of You App running on your device.
  • Which browsers and operating systems does Powr of You support?
    Desktops / laptops for Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
    Android: App works on phones with OS version Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 - 4.0.4, i.e. API level 15 and above
    iOS: The app works on iOS versions 9 and above, on iPhones and iPads
  • I only access the Internet from my mobile device occasionally. Can I still participate?
    Yes. It's important that all types of users participate in Powr of You. If you are able to access the Internet from any of your devices, you are eligible to join and receive rewards when your data is used for market research.
  • How do I know if the browser extension is installed and active?
    Please see instructions here on how to install and verify that the browser extension is installed and active.
  • Do I need to connect to all browser extensions – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera?
    No, you do not need to connect to all browser extensions. You should only connect the browser extension on the browsers you use in your day-to-day life.
  • How do I know if the app is installed?
    Please see instructions here on how you can verify that the mobile app is installed and active.
  • What if I get a new device?
    If you replace your existing phone or tablet computer or get an additional device that you would like to add to your account, you can simply download the Powr of You app from the app stores to your new devices. Here are the links – https://www.powrofyou.com/mobileapp
  • How do I re-install the app on my phone or tablet computer?
    Simply install the Powr of You app from the app stores to your new devices. Here are the links - https://www.powrofyou.com/mobileapp
  • How do I re-install the browser extension on my desktop or laptop computer?
    Simply visit your profile connecting page on your device, and follow the instructions here
  • How do I uninstall the Powr of You app?
    Please click here to view the uninstall instructions for Android and iOS.
  • How do I uninstall Powr of You browser extension?
    Please click here to view the uninstall instructions - Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • What does turning on 'usage access' or 'accessibility' for the Powr of You app do?
    The Powr of You Android app gets data about how you use the Internet on your mobile phone or tablet. In order to collect information about how you use apps on your device, the necessary permissions must be turned on once you install the Powr of You app. As always, your information is combined with that of other members to create our research reports. Those reports never contain any personal, identifiable information.
  • How do I turn on 'accessibility' to become an active member of the panel and earn Powr of You rewards?
    You can turn on the accessibility permission for Powr of You by following these steps:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select Accessibility
    3. Scroll down to find the 'Services' section and select Powr of You
    4. Allow permissions for Powr of You
  • Why don’t I see my insights?
    There may be a few reasons, why you don't see your insights.
    1) We haven't run your data yet. Please allow for 24 hours after connecting your accounts for us to run your data.
    2) You do not have the necessary accounts connected. Each of the insights needs certain data points available through specific accounts, so please ensure you have those connected. For e.g. we can't generate browser insights without you having connected your Google Chrome or the Mobile apps.
    3) You do not have enough data in your accounts to share insights. For e.g. if you only use Twitter to read news and don't tweet, retweet, or favorite, we wouldn't be able to share much in the form of insights for this account.

    And if you're still missing the insights, you can always request an update by selecting the Refresh Data option at the top right corner of your Dashboard.

    Note: we are working on connecting new accounts (fitness apps, music apps, etc.) and creating related insights so keep a lookout. You can also email us if you really want a certain app connected sooner than later! :)
  • Can I change my email address?
    You can change the email you get email notifications on for your account and new rewards on your Powr of You Settings page. However, if you created your Powr of You account with an email address and would like to change the address after you’ve signed up, please email us the request at help@powrofyou.com.
  • What if my information (e.g. email address) changes?
    If you have installed our apps or use our platform online, and completed the registration process successfully, you can visit Profile Settings section and update your profile to make changes to your demographic information. At any time you can also alert us to any changes to your personal information by emailing us at Settings page. However, if you created your Powr of You account with an email address and would like to change the address after you’ve signed up, please email us the request at help@powrofyou.com.
  • How can I reset my password?
    Please click Settings page. However, if you created your Powr of You account with an email address and would like to change the address after you’ve signed up, please email us the request at here to view the reset password instructions on mobile app and website. Please note that you cannot reset your password if you have unsubscribed from the Powr of You.
  • How do I change my preferences for the email or mobile reminders?
    If you would like to update your notification preferences, simply go to User Settings on the website profile or on your mobile app and click on Notifications. There you have the option to change email and mobile reminders.
  • What if I want to opt out later?
    Done. No hassle, no argument. We would love to know why you want to leave, but it's definitely possible to opt out at any time. We want to learn and improve our product and service, so we hope you choose to stay, but we will never block your exit. You can select specific services or opt out of all services - the choice is and always will be yours.