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How We Work

It's simple. We build a bridge between you and companies. Those companies want to know what makes you uniquely you: they're looking for information, including your online habits and haunts, your likes, tweets, shares, etc. Why? In short, they want to make things that you want to buy. They'd like to know what sort of products and services you're interested in, and how to connect with today's consumers. With your permission, we take your data and create rocking personal insights for you, and consumer behavior analytics for them: a win-win for everyone involved!

What makes us different than everyone else is our unique approach to your info; we not only make our entire process transparent, but we reward you with a share of our revenue and insightful, fun life-hacks (call it infotainment!).

How do we make all of that magic? Here's where it gets a little technical. The process in a nutshell: you sign-up; we collect your data from the apps and browsers you connect; we anonymize and aggregate your data and pass it on to companies who'd like to understand consumer behavior: and what they want; then, we generate useful personalized insights for you, and split the profits with you.

Your information is never personally identifiable, and you will never receive spam or marketing information as a result of your account. Instead, you will receive the useful personal insights and life-hacks we provide, and, of course, cash incentives. Our goal is to create one dollar per user per day. If this premise is as exciting to you as it is to us, then join us as we revolutionize the data game!

Log in, connect your accounts, and start the ball rolling! As always, our services are free to users, transparent, and super-cool.

What are the benefits of Powr of You®?


Learn and Grow with our Personal Insights Tool

We provide you with a really easy way to access your information in one place so that you can learn the most from your online activities. Compare and analyse your own activities with your friends’, and learn about yourself in a new way to discover unique things about you - basically, change things up if you want or just revel in your awesomeness! :D

Take a quick peek at our Personal Insights tool below - knowledge is power...so discover yours!

Yours will a few there now but new ones will unlock as you connect more with the platform.

Piggy Bank

Earn Cashback

We provide insights to companies based on aggregated, anonymized data from the Powr of You® community. In plain English, we take your data, take away the personally identifiable information so all that remains is John/Jane Doe and then combine it with lots of other users’ information to generate powerful insights about consumer behavior, preferences, and trends.

These types of insights is what our clients are truly interested in so that they can improve their offering and tailor it to you, their consumer. Every time a company buys these insights from us, we share our revenue back with each user whose information was used to generate the insight.

It’s simple - the more we use your data, the more you can get earn!

Here's a preview of Personal Insights

Sign-up to see these and many more insights about yourself. We're adding new ones all the time to keep the fun going!