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What is Powr of You®?

Powr of You® is a personal data marketplace bringing the next generation of analytics to consumers and brands. On the user end, our platform helps people get paid for the data they already share online, while staying anonymous. Users earn rewards with our revenue share model and our great dashboard interactively manages their online presence. Back up - what?

Simply put: log in and sign up, go about your normal business on the web - browse, tweet, like, share, pin. We'll analyze your online life and make cool suggestions that entertain you and improve your online experience through our kickass dashboard. We alert you to cool new trends, help you manage your social and business circles on the web, and make your web life more fulfilling. And then there's the cash - you get paid for doing what you do online, while staying anonymous!

On the business end, our analytics engine churns this data to help brands plug into their consumers' lives, giving a complete view of behaviors and trends so that they can understand their consumers better to drive better products, service and innovation.

Do you realize powr is misspelled?

Yes, we know there is an 'e' missing in Powr of You®. It was first because a cable company owns powerofyou.com (don't ask us why) but then we realized it sounds much cooler without the 'e' anyway :-)

Is Powr of You® a social aggregator?

No, we are not a social aggregator. That role is filled very well by companies like HootSuite, TweetDeck, etc. We work instead to provide insights and a way for users to monetize (get paid!) for their data.

Will I receive more spam/emails?

Absolutely not! You can select content and frequency of emails from us. Our communications will focus on sharing new insights with you select through your account dashboard. And you can customize your notification preferences under your profile settings.

Is your website secure?

Maintaining your confidence is one of our company's foundational tenets, and we work hard to ensure your private information stays private. We carefully anonymize and aggregate all data before generating client reports. By using state-of-the-art security, both the integrity of our reputation and your sensitive information remain protected; our entire platform runs on HTTPS and uses 2048-bit SSL and 128 bit encryption.

Are there any fees to get rewards?

No, there are no fees to earn the rewards. You can claim the rewards via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Please note that payment platforms such as PayPal may charge a separate transaction fee for cashing out. These fees are outside of the control of Powr of You.


Why should I join?

Powr of You® is about taking up an active role in managing and using your data footprint. Your data is currently being mined to give you personalised ads, and we want to turn this around. We help you monetize your data (get paid!), and provide you with insights that help you understand and refine your online brand. Ultimately, it's your data - make it work for you!

How do I get cash back, how often, and how much?

It all happens automatically. Sign up, log in, watch the cash roll in! How much? That depends on what you share and what our clients request; our goal is to generate $1 per user per day. Help us achieve that aim by signing up - invite your friends!

What if I want to opt out later?

Done. No hassle, no argument. We would love to know why you want to leave, but it's definitely possible to opt out at any time. We want to learn and improve our product and service, so we hope you choose to stay, but we will never block your exit. You can select specific services or opt out of all services - the choice is and always will be yours.

Why do I need to create an account?

So we can rock your online world with personal insights and cool analytics, and of course, we need a place to send your $$$! We think you'll enjoy our user experience, and the account is where all the magic happens. Powrful personal insights, fun, and cash all in one kickass place.

Why don't I see my insights?

There may be a few reasons, why you don't see your insights.
1) We haven't run your data yet. Please allow for 24 hours after connecting your accounts for us to run your data.
2) You do not have the necessary accounts connected. Each of the insights needs certain data points available through specific accounts, so please ensure you have those connected. For e.g. we can't generate browser insights without you having connected your Google Chrome or the Mobile apps.
3) You do not have enough data in your accounts to share insights. For e.g. if you only use Twitter to read news and don't tweet, retweet, or favorite, we wouldn't be able to share much in the form of insights for this account.

And if you're still missing the insights, you can always request an update by selecting the Refresh Data option at the top right corner of your Dashboard

request for update

Note: we are working on connecting new accounts (fitness apps, music apps, etc.) and creating related insights so keep a lookout. You can also email us if you really want a certain app connected sooner than later! :)

How to install Firefox add-on?

Here are the steps for installing Firefox add-on on Firefox browser:
1) Login to Powr of You® account on Firefox browser
2) Go to the Connect page
3) Click on the Firefox Connect or Add button:

connect or add firefox add-on
4) Click Allow when prompted for allowing the add-on installation:

allow firefox add-on installation
5) Click Install to install the add-on:

install firefox add-on installation

Note: Firefox might say installation is blocked but that's normal, don't worry we have signed and tested the add-on file, also this is temporary step soon we will update it to the normal installation process.