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Share data. Earn money.

You're already browsing the internet. Why not earn from it?

Securely and anonymously turn your online browsing activity, mobile usage, social media use and more into insights for companies and get rewarded for it.

Your data. Your benefit.
We're making the data economy work for you.

When you browse the internet or use your mobile devices, you generate an incredible amount of data. Your data has a lot of value for companies and you should benefit from it. We're helping bring power back to you by rewarding you for your data.

Earn a piece of the data economy

At home or on the go, simply use your phone. Your data creates opportunities for you to earn pocket money.

When companies use your data, we share our earnings with you. It's a win-win.

Share anonymously and securely

Your data is always anonymous and is free of any personal information. It's like wearing a disguise.

We never put your data on the open internet and it's stored on secure servers.

Optimize your digital life

Ever wonder where all your time goes? Shopping? Binge-watching? Social media?

Analyze how you're spending your time online. Gain productivity insights with your online behavior.

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Get rewarded for your data.

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The goal of Powr of You is to help people benefit from their digital presence. We offer insights to our users to help them get insight into their online footprint across mobile, browser, social and lifestyle apps they use. And we share any revenues generated from your data back with you so you can make money from your digital presence.

Yes, we know there is an 'e' missing in Powr of You®. It was first because a cable company owns powerofyou.com (don't ask us why) but then we realized it sounds much cooler without the 'e' anyway :-)

Companies want to develop a better understanding of consumer behavior trends and what people are looking for so we provide market research and analytics to help companies make informed decisions about their business. Companies pay us and we share the revenues back with you - every time your data is used.

All participants in Powr of You must be at least 16 years of age and capable of entering into a binding agreement.